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Although Sikeston is considered by many locals to be part of the Missouri Bootheel, it is located just north of it and Interstate 55 connects the city with its northern area. Fredericktown is a district of St. Louis County, Missouri in the state of Missouri, USA. The district includes the city of Frederickton, a city of about 2,000 inhabitants, with a population of about 1,500.

The sky is cloudy and the wind will be moderate to brisk with strong gusts to 35 km / h. The wind is moderate, but still strong enough to blow in the range of 20 - 30 km / h, with gusts of 30 - 40 km / h.

The visit to Oran for general outdoor activities is based on the tourism score, and the number of warm weather activities that one should visit or visit to engage in a warm weather activity is based on this score, and there is a high probability of visiting the city in the range of 20 - 30 km / h.

The first spring blooms in Oran will appear in spring 2015, just as they have appeared in other parts of the Middle East and North Africa, due to the daily increase in grades. Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring (14 March) and lasts 7-8 months and ends in autumn (7 November).

The windiest part of the year lasts 7-2 months and the windiest day of the year is April 1st, while the humidier season lasts 4-7 months, with any day being a wet day. The rainy season ends in autumn (7 November), while the wettest season ends in spring (14 March).

The coldest day of the year is January 22, with an average low of 28C and a high of 44C. The cold season lasts 3-0 months and the brightest period of the year lasts 4-3 months, but the hottest day this year was July 20 with an average high of 89 degrees F and a low of 71 degrees F, the warmest days were April 1, April 2 and April 4, while the coldest days this year were January 23, January 26, February 4, March 2, May 1, June 3, July 5, August 3 and August 7 with an average low of 28C and a high of 44 degrees F.

The snow period lasts 3-5 months and most of the snow falls on 31 days around 30 January, with an average low temperature of 28 ° C and a maximum of 44 ° C. Snowfall can drop to a depth of 0.5 to 2 meters in some areas, but most rain falls in April, with the most rainfall in a single month, mid-April and the least rain in a month.

Every day, different types of precipitation are observed, without trace sizes, and independent values for the perceived temperature are calculated. The most common form of precipitation in a year is rain alone, with the classification based on the number of days when rain and snow fall on the same day, as well as the average temperature of the day.

The average wind speed, which is less than 1.0 km / h during the hour, is excluded if it is in one of the four cardinal points during this hour.

The cloud cover is 10 points for a perfectly clear sky and falls linearly, so the percentage of time is classified as the percentage of cloudy sky. The percentage of time spent in the cloud - overcast sky and the number of hours in which clouds cover the sky.

The precipitation value, based on three hours of precipitation concentrated on the given hour, is 10% precipitation and falls linearly and is considered precipitation. Snowfall that accumulates over a sliding period of 31 days around one day a year is shown by the number of hours in which snow accumulates during the day and the length of time under a cloud - cloudy. Precipitation that accumulates in a single slide - 31 days rotating around any day in the years - is shown as a percentage of the total amount of snow on that day.

The horizontal axis is the day of the year, the vertical axis is the hour of the day and the horizontal axis is the days of the year. The color is the average temperature for this hour and day and is indicated by ribbons of yellow and gray. Although temperatures typically vary significantly from night to day, the dew point tends to change more slowly. While temperatures can drop at night, humid days are usually followed by muggy nights, so the quietest day of the year is July 29.

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More About Oran